26 June 2012

fifty shades of...ugh!

i'm a sucker for hype. early this year, there was all this hoopla about the "fifty shades" series. curiosity killed the cat.. or in my case, curiosity killed a hundred brain cells (more or less). what can i say about these three books? don't expect a literary gem. 

the moment you hear whips and chains and a "red room of pain", the only thing you do is run away. but if you don't run away,  just don't expect to "fix" this broken, damaged man. girlfriend, he is crazy! only made attractive because he is a billionaire and can buy you a laptop, a car and gave you a job. if the lead weren't rich, the girl probably wouldn't have agreed to that arrangement. which is why most review sites call this "twilight fan ficition" and "mommy porn".the stituations are utterly impossible and the characters are just plain crazy, in my opinion.

i've read somewhere that they're gonna make it into a movie. really?! i was thinking most actors/actresses in hollywood would just laugh if offered a part in this movie, but some are actually saying they're interested. how are they going to make this movie without it being porn? because, really, that's what the book is.

i found this on youtube. these three lolas give the best review for the book.

09 June 2012

overcoming the oven

let me admit it here: i am afraid of ovens. simply because of the fact that we didn't have one when i was growing up. so i really don't understand when recipes say "pre-heat oven to 350 degrees". but i have mentioned earlier this year that i plan to overcome ignorance and finally take the plunge and use this nifty contraption.

a couple of weeks ago, i eased into using the oven when i prepared sunday lunch at jp's flat. on sundays, we usually have lunch with jp's housemates. this is very convenient, especially since the quantity of food we cook on sunday is quite huge. it seems such a waste to cook a lot and then only two people will eat. so we all share what we prepare.

i started the day with baking some muffins. don't get too excited. i did not prepare it by myself. i had a bit (well, a lot) of help from miss betty crocker

the recipe just said to add water and an egg. and so i did, and here is the result.


for lunch, i made classic beef lasagna using the recipe here. before putting the dish into the oven, it smelled and looked pretty delicious already. and when it came out..

jp says it's one of the best lasagna he's ever tasted, and coming from him, that's quite a compliment. 


i can say that i liked cooking from the oven. there's a certain quality and flavor to the food that comes out from there. i can honestly say that i want to do it more often. i'm thinking cakes and potpies for next time. 

a quick stop in cebu

jp and i spent a couple of days in his hometown, cebu. it wasn't really a vacation in the sense that we were going to the beach or seeing the sights. jp just wanted to visit his parents and chill out at home.

of course, being a "turista", i had to pester him to take me to a few places i wanted to see.

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08 June 2012

project lunchbox: mexican and italian

here is a quick round-up of my previous cooking sessions. just to give you an update, my sister has relocated to singapore, and i quickly recruited her to be part of project lunchbox. so i have been preparing meals for two.

i have been taking photos of the food using my phone, and posting it (mostly) on instagram.

below is a mexican-theme lunch. that's salsa (mix tomatoes, white onion, yellow bell pepper, salt, pepper, oregano and some hot sauce), plus chili con carne (sauté ground beef in oil, onions, and mix with canned red beans) with cheese and some tortilla.

this one is a bit blurry, but its chicken, cheese and cream pasta.

and this one is tuna in tomato sauce pasta


well, i hope to continue on with the project. it has proved to be very challenging, what with work, and various commitments, plus the fact that my sister's tummy is easily upset, so i have to look up recipes that are tummy-friendly.

hopefully, i get to post more stuff about food soon.

the mind museum

i went on a short trip back home to attend my friend's wedding(more on that later). before that, i rounded up the gremlins to take them to the recently-opened mind museum at the fort. i figured it's a good way to end the summer and hopefully, get the kids excited for the incoming school year.

we were greeted by this robot.

robot greets you when you enter

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