14 May 2012

saturday in the park

i've been living in singapore for six years and one of the places i haven't ever been to is the singapore botanic gardens. jp said he hasn't been either. so last saturday, we decided to visit and at the same time take out jp's gift for a test drive. this is jp's gift. say it with me: ooh!
well hello there,my new friend!

i was kind of planning a picnic, complete with a basket, wine and cheese, but i didn't have enough time to prepare all that, we just decided to walk around, sit for a bit and take a couple of pictures. we got there via the circle line and once inside, just followed the signs.


i started playing with the camera. i love the art filters! i can make a picture with these effects.






and with a couple of adjustments, i can make the color temperature warmer.


we took a break and sat on the grass, watching other people in the park. and i got to read a few chapters in my kindle.




but after couple of hours of walking around, mr. grumpy was emerging..


so we called it a day, and decided to come back on another weekend. next time, i'll be bringing the whole picnic shebang. and maybe a tripod. we only got one couple shot.


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