26 February 2012

my saturday shopping spree

once in a while, i allow myself to indulge a little bit and treat myself to some shopping. i had an appointment around the orchard area this saturday, and jp was working in the afternoon, so after lunch at lucky plaza, we parted ways, and i roamed around ion orchard. i made a beeline for one of my favorite stores and stocked up on some girly stuff.

my appointment was close to tanglin mall, so i also dropped by there and went to tatty marsh. according to their website, they're the "only official stockists" of several british home brands, one of which is cath kidston. i love cath kidston's prints. they're so feminine and pretty. i loved looking at the displays at the store.



they had some pretty cute tea sets, as well as plates and aprons. i was tempted to get some, but i thought i'd wait till i have a place of my own to display them.

pretty make up kits...


and of course, the bags. they're on sale at 30% off..



they're all so pretty, i had a hard time picking out which one i'd get. in the end, i settled for a simple book bag. i'll probably come back if they have the cross-body bags in stock.

so here's my loot for today: a couple of stuff from sephora, my new bag, and two new books!

today's shopping spree!

simple joys on another weekend here in singapore.

09 February 2012

mini-goal accomplished!

the east coast park (ecp) is a stretch of land along, well, obviously, the east coast of singapore. this is one of the more popular family/barkada hangouts, especially during weekends or holidays. my friends and i have done several barbeque parties here over the years, and it's a good place to eat seafood. on weekends, there'll be a lot of runners, bikers, rollerbladers here too.

the nice thing about the ecp is that it's part of the park connector network, which means it's connected to other parks in the east side of singapore. truth be told, although lloydie and i have been riding bikes at ecp for a long time, we haven't really ventured outside of ecp itself. well, a couple of days ago, i'm proud to say we did just that, biking our way through to the edge of the ecp, and ending up at changi beach park. here's the map of our bike route. that's about 17 kms. 

the good thing about our little excursion was that we rented the bike at ecp, but returned them at the pcn pitstop in changi beach. no need to bike again all the way to ecp, which i'm sure we couldn't have done, as that 2.5 hour bike ride was exhausting.


i liked the fact that as you move towards the edge of ecp, it gets more quiet and there are less people. and the route is not so bumpy. 



along the way, you pass by a part of changi airport. so you can see planes landing and taking off.


and you also pass by the changi exhibition center. this is where they'll be doing the yearly airshow (another thing we have to see while here in singapore).


by the time we reached changi beach park, we were so tired!


i like changi beach. there is a portion of the park where the trees make you feel like you're in baguio, and then you get out of that part, and the beach is there! umm. the beach is not so nice though. the sand looks nice, ie. white, but the beach is dirty!

i mean, this is singapore, the most o.c. place about cleanliness. shouldn't their beach, small as it is, be spotless?!

anyway, we returned our bikes and rested for a bit. after that, we took a bus back to the nearest mrt station, mission accomplished! my next plan is for us to bike through pasir ris park, which is near my flat up to bedok reservoir. we'll probably do that in a couple of months. i think the sight of a bicycle might freak lloydie out. :)

05 February 2012

the other starry night

someday, i will go to paris and bliss out on all the museums there. for now, i have to do with the occasional exhibits from the national museum of singapore. this time, paris' musee d'orsay loaned some paintings, and i only found out about it early january. so i dragged lloydie to the museum to check it out.


beautiful "birth of venus"

birth of venus


woman with a parasol

stokes' somber painting

the young girl and death

and the star of the exhibit: van gogh's "starry night"

the other starry night

this is the other version of "starry night". the other one is at the MOMA in new york.

a bit of wishful thinking, but i hope they get to borrow the mona lisa from the louvre someday. or maybe i'll just have to plan a trip to pari soon.

more pictures here.

02 February 2012

project lunchbox: salmon, fritata, salad and a sandwich

i knew this week was going to be full of stress and i was psyching myself for long days (aka. overtime!). nevertheless, i managed to make my meals.

day 1: 
for the main meal, i cooked up salmon farfalle*
*farfalle - bow-tie pasta

my ingredients: farafalle, sour cream, olive oil, pepper, oregano, white onions, cherry tomatoes, a few sticks of asparagus and salmon (i only used half of the salmon for this).

in olive oil, sautee garlic, onions, tomatoes and the salmon. add a bit of salt, pepper and oregano.

salmon cooks pretty fast, so all this happens in just a few minutes. i press on the tomatoes so that the juices come out. it adds to the taste.

add the sour cream and the asparagus, just leave it on the heat for a couple of minutes. if you find that the sauce is too sour for your taste, simply sprinkle some parmesan cheese to the mix.

day one's meal is done. i paired it with some snacks below:

day 2:
i had more time to prepare, so i thought i'd experiment with making egg fritata.
my ingredients: olive oil, black pepper, milk, parmesan cheese, about 4 eggs, chopped leeks, peas

the original recipe's instructions were to take the peas out of the pod, and put it in the mix. but i found the peas too small, so it probably won't do anything for the dish. i decided to take it out of the mix and use the peas as a side dish.

sautee the leeks in olive oil.


beat the eggs and pour on to the pan.


it was at this point that i realized the recipe actually said to cook this in a double broiler. too late then, so i simply monitored the pan and made sure the egg was properly cooked and the bottom does not burn.

when i took it out, it looked like this. there were some burnt parts, but all in all, it looked good.


i made pizza slices, added the lightly boiled peas...

and add some fruits and a PB sandwich!

day 3:
was salad day, and i decided to make waldorf salad.

ingredients: chopped celery, sliced grapes, sliced apples, chopped almonds and cashews.
*the original waldorf salad uses chopped walnuts, but a bag of walnuts here in sg is way too expensive, so i had to improvise a little bit.


prepare a bed of lettuce

add mayonnaise to the salad and mix it all up.

and here's my day 3 meal:

day 4: was dismal. by this time, i was too stressed and was working overtime, i didn't have time to get more fresh vegetables, so i settled for my leftover supplies and a peanut butter/jelly sandwich

i definitely have to do better on this project. next week will be a real challenge. 

01 February 2012

my december and january...via instagram

i think i've lost the will to say anything online that's longer than 140 characters. yes folks, i got addicted (maybe i still am) to twitter. for the past couple of weeks, my phone has been glued to my hands, and i have been scrolling through pages and pages of twitter feeds.

so i guess my first post of the year is to tell a little bit more about the stuff i've posted in instagr.am.


i ran the standard chartered half-marathon again. my timing was dismal, to be honest. i didn't really do any training in the weeks leading up to race day. towards the 18th kilometer, i was literally in tears and i said, to no one in particular: "i'm so tired!" the lady running beside me heard and told me "it's only 3 more kilometers!"
and so i ran-walk-ran my way to the finish line. ugh, i was so tired!


the christmas decor at marina square was my favorite among all the malls in singapore.


at the office, we decorated our work area with the "angry birds" theme. we spent a whole lot of paper, glue, paint, etc that our manager told us to make sure our area was looking like a kid's area with all the clutter. we won second place and a pizza party (which we haven't claimed yet, i think). we didn't have a chance with that other group who brought a mini-castle to the office.

before i left for manila, lloydie and i had dinner at gyu-kaku over at chjimes. the wagyu beef was seriously awesome.

in manila, i got to hang out with the girl-gremlins..


and indulge in a lot of good food! those cinnamon buns below are HEAVEN!



the highlight of my january is definitely seeing the other "starry night" by van gogh at the national museum.
the exhibit from paris' musee d'orsay is so inspiring and the works are so beautiful, i could have spent the whole day there just looking at every piece. 

the other "starry night" by van gogh on exhibit at natl museum of sg

and so that was the end of 2011 and the first month of 2012. the year is starting out slow for me, i haven't really figured out which way i want it to go, but i have some ideas in mind, which i'll be sharing soon. if i manage to tear myself away from twitter, that is.
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