16 December 2012

our fairy tale party

how's your december so far? hectic for sure, right? mine certainly is. i am writing this entry from manila, since i'm on vacation here for more than a month. it's strange, really. i haven't stayed this long in the philippines ever since i started working overseas. i have a lot of things on my to-do list, that i'm sure i'm going to be busy as a bee for the next few weeks.

before i left singapore, i was in a mad rush to complete our shopping list for gifts. thankfully, i was able to do that with just enough time to prepare for our yearly christmas party with friends. we follow a certain theme, and this year it was all about fairy tales. two days before the event, i went to the rental place in north bridge road to look for our costume. it's worth a mention here that costume rental shops are quite busy in december, because a lot of companies also do themed-parties. luckily, one of the attendants at the shop was a filipina, so it was easy for me to describe and look for what i wanted to wear.

we all came prepared. from the "pocahontas" family

pocahontas family

to "peter pan and the darling kids" (photo from our friend paul)


alice, snow white and the apple (yes! non-human fairy tale characters were represented)

alice, snowwhite and apple

captain hook and his parrot/eagle(?)

captain hook

snow white (again) with ummm...hercules?

snow white and hercules

we had two red riding hoods. one came with her grandma.


the other came with her basket of goodies!


and then there was the food!!


we always have a couple of games..girls versus boys. the games can be very competitive, but this year, the girls won! isn't this the sexiest tissue paper-snow-girl? haha!


the boys consoled themselves by posing for the camera. better luck next year!


we exchanged gifts towards the end of the party, which is always a fun part. but even if we didn't have that, the time spent with friends is always a gift.

photo from paul

i'm hoping you're having fun meeting up with your friends and family. do you have any themed parties you're going to this year? let me know all about it. :)

more pictures here

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  1. chesa baltazar4:59 PM

    "Snow White and the Roman Huntsman." :P


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