02 December 2012

afternoon hiking at macritchie

today is the day of the standard chartered marathon here in singapore. i actually signed up for it earlier in the year, thinking to join the full marathon (42.195 kms.). unfortunately, i didn't really get to train for it, so i decided to forego this year's run. but i do feel as if i just ran one yesterday, because we went hiking at the macritchie trails.

i've gone hiking here a couple of years ago with friends, but this is the first time i went with jp. i dragged him to the park in the afternoon. the first thing we saw were the monkeys loitering around the entrance of the park.


the park is actually a water reservoir, and is a good place for water sports, picnics and of course, a good run. jp actually just wanted to stay near the water to watch the people in kayaks.


but i was determined for us to go to the tree top walk, which is a couple of kilometers' into the hiking trail.


and so we walked, passing by fallen trees...


muddy paths...


and pretty dead leaves..


until finally, we got there! 



the thing is, we walked for about 2 hours before we got to the tree tops, and when we were there, it rained! haha. we were on the bridge for about five minutes, and then it was another hour and a half to get back to "civilisation".

but no worries, we had a pretty good time to touch base with mother nature. we passed by this stream, and the water looked really clean, we could have probably drank from it. 



jp says we will not go back to that place anymore, but i don't know, one of these days, i will probably drag him back. maybe this time i will tell him we'll try the canoes. or, maybe i can ask one of my singapore friends (anyone up for it?). 

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