31 August 2012

oh, bohol!

heads up, photo dump ahead :)

when i was in school, there was a subject called "civics and culture". we had this homework where we had to submit tourist sites in the philippines. i would cut out pictures from those "mabuhay" magazines my mom would take home from the office. one of those sites was the chocolate hills in bohol. for the longest time, i did not think that place really existed, because it just seemed so surreal.

well, this year, i saw it for myself. and well, all i can really say is...WOW! hundreds of these small hills as far as the eye can see. it's like God dropped a lot of chocolate kisses from his pocket and they all fell on this spot here in the philippines.


i would have been happy to just stay there and look at it all day, but there is so much more to see in bohol. the loboc river is the cleanest one i've seen so far.

loboc river



we had lunch on one of those floating boats and stopped to be serenaded by singing groups. anong sinabi ng singapore river cruise? haha.


lunchmates at the boat
  lunchmates at the boat

we stopped by a couple of old churches, like the baclayon church. beside the church, we saw some kids playing, which makes me think, apart from the clothes and the cars passing by, it's easy to imagine how life was like in this province a hundred years ago.


baclayon church

local kids playing
happy afternoon activity


and then, we also visited one of bohol's most famous residents, these cute little creatures!

cutie pie!

jp insisted we visit bohol's OTHER famous resident..prony the snake.

prony, a very big snake

i also managed to push jp into trying out the zipline. this was so much fun, but i think jp has crossed it off his list forever, he said he won't do it again. hmm... we shall see!

the zip line

we also ate edible flowers for dinner. i did not get to explore bohol bee farm as much as i would have liked, but i will go back soon.

edible flowers!

the next morning, we went on a very early boat ride to go dolphin watching. unfortunately, i wasn't able to take a picture, but we did see them, and it's amazing to see them swimming so close to us.

jp also went snorkelling. i didn't bother to go down, because with waters this clear, you don't really have to. just throw some bread crumbs to the water, and fish in various colors would swim by.


and then, this AMAZING sandbar. you can actually WALK in the middle of the sea. this is why i have such high standards when it comes to beaches. the philippines has so many beautiful ones.


i'm not saying the others i've been to are not nice, but this one went right on top of my list, just somewhere along the lines of palawan. isn't this just gorgeous?!


for snacks, nothing beats some coconut juice and sea creatures.


sea food!

to end the day, we just laid out on the beach, watching dusk set in.

perfect blue skies

all i can say is my bohol experience is one of the best trips ever. it'll be a place i will always remember, not just for the beautiful things i saw, but because.. well, you know what happened here. :)

more pretty pictures here!


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