24 August 2012

dear lord

dear lord,

i have travelled to a couple of places around the world (europe is still part of the to-go list though). and i have seen the most amazing things. i am the type of person who is easily awed by beautiful sights. the first time i saw the giant buddha in hong kong, i couldn't stop saying "wow"! that time i saw the taj mahal in india, i had tears in my eyes. and those centuries-old temples in myanmar rendered me speechless.

i have seen breathtaking volcanoes, green fields and explored beaches with the clearest waters i don't have to swim in to see the creatures underneath. natural and man-made, all these places make me think of how YOU are really are an amazing God.

i have been fortunate enough to travel with family and friends, people who mean a lot to me, that make every trip worthwhile. more so, when i get to travel with jp.

i'm not going to write much about him here, but suffice it to say, the guy is the best travel buddy ever. he doesn't like to go on long trips, he doesn't like to go on short ones either. haha. but somehow, he goes along when the travel bug hits me. i pull him along on my plans and get both of us to try new things. for his part, he pulls me back when he knows my overactive sense of adventure will put us both in danger. haha.

and on our recent trip to bohol, right there with a view of yet another one of your amazing creations, the chocolate hills, jp and i sealed the deal to be travel mates FOREVER.


with permission from my fiancè. it's official,folks!

in the past, i have always questioned You when i was heartbroken. but now, i get it. You have your own plans for me, to be done in Your own time. this new chapter in my life more than makes up for the past heartaches and tears. and i am so grateful for the blessing that is my husband-to-be.

thank You, Lord so much! i hope you continue to bless us as we go on this new and lifetime adventure together.



  1. Teacherjaymee1:55 PM

    I'm very happy for you, Ays. :) You deserve this. If you ever come to Madrid, you have an accommodation waiting. :)

  2. Donnah2:15 PM

     awwww hansweeet I love it! mag dinner na nga tayo. I want to hear the story... from JP! hehehehe... 

  3. Awww. Written from the heart. You were made for each other. It is true how God unveils His plans for us in a most unexpected and amazing way :) I am sure you wil have a blissful married life. Am really so happy for you Ays *hugs*

  4. Ninagracia11:40 PM

    gwabe naiyak ako dito ha! :)

  5. Sobrang touching, had tears in my eyes (pero syempre pinigilan ko umiyak :P )
    it is true how God unveils His plans for us in the most unexpected but perfect way :)
    Congrats again, Ays and JP! I am sure you will have a blissful married life.


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