15 August 2012

a birthday surprise

success! i managed to round up our friends for jp's surprise birthday party. even if i sent the invitation only a couple of days before. i was conflicted about throwing the party because when i asked jp what he wanted to do for his birthday, he said he wanted it to be quiet. but i think he deserves a treat. the guy has been stressed at work for the past couple of months, i thought he needs a bit of fun.

his housemates helped to distract and get him out of the house in the afternoon so i can prepare their flat. and thankfully, our friends came on time, before he got home. it was so much fun seeing his reaction when he opened the door.

i think this is one of the few times i am thankful for facebook. the response to my invite was so fast. all i really had to do was order the food.



a big thank you to all our friends. you really made jp's day. i'll have to think of a way to top this one. hmm..

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