09 July 2012

a june wedding

it's always an honor when you get invited to be part of the entourage at a wedding. more so if the bride (or groom) is one of your closest friends. a little bit of back story:

serene is one of the first persons i met during freshman year in college. at first, we didn't really hang out a lot, but college tends to have you sift through people you meet and determine which ones you'll really have long friendships with. she's one of the handful i remain close with. and although we went on separate directions after graduation--she went to law school and i kickstarted my career, we managed to keep in touch and keep the friendship. 

go and ays
circa 2004

and i was so happy when she found her lovey-dove, ronald. to be honest, their love story is still a bit unclear to me, but that doesn't matter. we can talk about that later on. what is important is that my friend
married the love of her life and i got to be part of it.


here she is before the wedding


and since i'm part of the entourage, i got to see a little behind the scenes action. here's a picture of serene with her family.


the san agustin church is still beautiful.


and there she is, walking down the aisle.


at the reception, they stopped by our table for the customary picture with the couple.


i'm glad that my friend has found her lifetime partner -- someone to take care of her and go on adventures with. but whatever happens, we both know we're still going to be friends for a long time to come.


our friend, chesa also wrote about the wedding. read about it here.

more pictures

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