09 June 2012

a quick stop in cebu

jp and i spent a couple of days in his hometown, cebu. it wasn't really a vacation in the sense that we were going to the beach or seeing the sights. jp just wanted to visit his parents and chill out at home.

of course, being a "turista", i had to pester him to take me to a few places i wanted to see.

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so finally, i saw for myself, the basilica del sto. nino. it's a beautiful church, i can't help using sepia tones in my camera. seeing the altar made me go "wow"!


this antique chair must be hundreds of years old.


and the courtyard is so pretty. i can just imagine ladies dressed in baro't saya hanging out here after mass.


there were old paintings hanging on the walls around the church. i don't think these are originals, but informative for the tourists.


we also lined up to touch and pray before the santo nino (the original one, encased in glass). i didn't think it was proper to take a picture, although there were no signs prohibiting visitors from doing so.

the scene outside reminded me of churches i went to as a kid. balloon-vendors...


and prayer candles

finally, i've seen the historic magellan's cross!


a block away was the cebu metropolitan cathedral.

the altar also made me go "wow".


jp patiently waited outside while i took pictures.


although my time in cebu was short, i'm fine with what i've seen so far. hopefully, next visit, we'll have more time to go around (beaches!). but i do thank jp for being so patient and for taking me around.

more pictures here


travel tips:

the downtown cebu is similar to manila's divisoria area, jp says it's not recommended to take a car there because of limited to no parking space, especially during weekends. we parked our car someplace else and took a cab to get there.

also, while most cebuanos are friendly and gentle, not everyone is. take a bit of precaution and don't wear jewelry, don't flash your LVs, and put your camera away when walking around. 

common courtesy also dictates that you refrain from taking pictures while mass is on-going. wait for it to finish before you take pictures of the interiors.

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