08 June 2012

project lunchbox: mexican and italian

here is a quick round-up of my previous cooking sessions. just to give you an update, my sister has relocated to singapore, and i quickly recruited her to be part of project lunchbox. so i have been preparing meals for two.

i have been taking photos of the food using my phone, and posting it (mostly) on instagram.

below is a mexican-theme lunch. that's salsa (mix tomatoes, white onion, yellow bell pepper, salt, pepper, oregano and some hot sauce), plus chili con carne (sauté ground beef in oil, onions, and mix with canned red beans) with cheese and some tortilla.

this one is a bit blurry, but its chicken, cheese and cream pasta.

and this one is tuna in tomato sauce pasta


well, i hope to continue on with the project. it has proved to be very challenging, what with work, and various commitments, plus the fact that my sister's tummy is easily upset, so i have to look up recipes that are tummy-friendly.

hopefully, i get to post more stuff about food soon.

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