09 June 2012

overcoming the oven

let me admit it here: i am afraid of ovens. simply because of the fact that we didn't have one when i was growing up. so i really don't understand when recipes say "pre-heat oven to 350 degrees". but i have mentioned earlier this year that i plan to overcome ignorance and finally take the plunge and use this nifty contraption.

a couple of weeks ago, i eased into using the oven when i prepared sunday lunch at jp's flat. on sundays, we usually have lunch with jp's housemates. this is very convenient, especially since the quantity of food we cook on sunday is quite huge. it seems such a waste to cook a lot and then only two people will eat. so we all share what we prepare.

i started the day with baking some muffins. don't get too excited. i did not prepare it by myself. i had a bit (well, a lot) of help from miss betty crocker

the recipe just said to add water and an egg. and so i did, and here is the result.


for lunch, i made classic beef lasagna using the recipe here. before putting the dish into the oven, it smelled and looked pretty delicious already. and when it came out..

jp says it's one of the best lasagna he's ever tasted, and coming from him, that's quite a compliment. 


i can say that i liked cooking from the oven. there's a certain quality and flavor to the food that comes out from there. i can honestly say that i want to do it more often. i'm thinking cakes and potpies for next time. 

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