08 June 2012

the mind museum

i went on a short trip back home to attend my friend's wedding(more on that later). before that, i rounded up the gremlins to take them to the recently-opened mind museum at the fort. i figured it's a good way to end the summer and hopefully, get the kids excited for the incoming school year.

we were greeted by this robot.

robot greets you when you enter

more after the jump...

the gremlins promptly went around the place. thankfully, most of them are quite big enough to be allowed to go off on their own, as long as you give them specific instructions (ie. no rough-housing, no running, no shouting, etc).


this is clarke (#5), anya (#2) and charles (#1) at the dinosaur area. i was really impressed with the way the exhibits were presented.and also the fact that most were interactive and the kids can touch them. i liked the interior design too.


tornado maker

  ysa (#6) trying out the tornado maker.

anya and chanel

#2 and chanel (#4) testing out night vision.


#5 trying out the x-ray tv. the outer space area was a big hit.



  and so was the 3-D movie. they all gathered here.


and they all took their turn on this machine.


titan (#3) and #1. they also loved this room. basically, the special camera takes a picture of your shadow and it's reflected on the wall. we stayed there a few minutes, and would have stayed longer if there weren't other people in line.


the outside playground was also nice. again, it's interactive.



i would say this is a good place that kids and adults will like. one minor thing though: the prices of the food in the snack bar inside is quite steep, so i really wouldn't recommend that. it's a good thing there's a jollibee outside. but overall, visiting the mind museum is definitely worth it. i expect it'll be in the field trip itinerary of most schools this year.

and just to give you an idea of how big the gremlins are now.. hay! time flies by so fast, most of them are growing up bigger than me!


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