26 June 2012

fifty shades of...ugh!

i'm a sucker for hype. early this year, there was all this hoopla about the "fifty shades" series. curiosity killed the cat.. or in my case, curiosity killed a hundred brain cells (more or less). what can i say about these three books? don't expect a literary gem. 

the moment you hear whips and chains and a "red room of pain", the only thing you do is run away. but if you don't run away,  just don't expect to "fix" this broken, damaged man. girlfriend, he is crazy! only made attractive because he is a billionaire and can buy you a laptop, a car and gave you a job. if the lead weren't rich, the girl probably wouldn't have agreed to that arrangement. which is why most review sites call this "twilight fan ficition" and "mommy porn".the stituations are utterly impossible and the characters are just plain crazy, in my opinion.

i've read somewhere that they're gonna make it into a movie. really?! i was thinking most actors/actresses in hollywood would just laugh if offered a part in this movie, but some are actually saying they're interested. how are they going to make this movie without it being porn? because, really, that's what the book is.

i found this on youtube. these three lolas give the best review for the book.

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