09 April 2012

the titanic exhibit

since we didn't have any holy week plans this year, i booked tickets for jp, my sister and i to watch "wrath of the titans" on friday. we had a couple of hours to kill before the movie, so elaine and i walked over to the art and science museum at mbs to take look at the titanic exhibit.

apparently, the rest of singapore decided to do the same, the queue to get tickets was so long. it took almost 45 minutes to actually get inside the exhibit.


while in line, the ushers were giving out "tickets" -- replicas of the boarding pass that titanic passengers got 100 years ago.


written at the back is the name and a few details of an actual passenger that boarded the ship. you are supposed to try to walk the exhibit as that person, and before leaving, you'll find out if "you" survived. here are the details of my alter-ego.


i thought mrs. candee must have been just like me: "a practical and freethinking woman...gave advice on how to get along without a man to support them".

at the entrace, you are greeted by a massive wall of the ship's bow. predictably, they get a photograper to take your souvenir picture (there must have been countless "rose and jack" poses done here).



unfortunately, taking pictures wasn't allowed inside. i did sneak one. it's a replica of the hallway in the first class cabins.


walking through the exhibit, you got information on how the ship was built, stories about the famous passengers (mostly in first class) and the not-so-famous (people in the 3rd class/economy cabins)and their personal effects. there was also a whole section on why the ship hit the iceberg (apparently, the guys who were supposed to be on the look-out did not have binoculars. by the time they saw the iceberg, the ship had little time to avoid it), and how it actually split into several pieces before finally sinking to the bottom of the ocean. there's even an iceberg replica, so you get to feel how cold it was. most of the passengers died of hypothermia and not actual drowning (parang si jack).

overall, it was a somber exhibit. reading through most of the stories there, all you can really think of is the "should have's" (they should have had more life boats, should not have forgotten the binoculars, etc) that could have prevented the tragedy. all those people who lost their lives (some of the economy class passengers were on their way to start a new life in america!)...sayang.

i recommend you guys go to the museum and have a look. while the james cameron movie had a great impact on how we see that event, the exhibit lets you know that there were REAL people each with their own stories and dreams who went down that ship.

by the way, my passenger, mrs. candee, survived. here's her story.

i had too much to absorb after the exhibit, i'll go to the andy warhol exhibit next time.


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