22 April 2012

my first run for 2012

my first run for this year was at the the jpmorgan corporate challenge last thursday. to be honest, i haven't done much running since last december's 21K. so i didn't really expect to have a personal best in this 5.6K race. the jpmc run is one of the runs i look forward to. the route is an easy course and it's always done on a weekday, after work hours in the city. but since you have to get to the course, meet up with your team and warm up, you get an excuse to leave the office a little bit early.



i'm glad to say i finished at a respectable 47:04 minutes. really, my goal was to finish before the sun went down, because i had a conference call that night. haha.

           finished the race while the sun's still up!
with every run, i look forward to the goody bags. along with the shirt and the free sunblock, i think this is the best give-away i've received so far. free stainless utensils!


with this first run, i realize that i do miss running. hopefully, i make every effort to train for the next run that i signed up for in june.

usually, after runs like these, you can expect people to take a sick leave the next day. but since this course is short, you really can't make the same excuse. unless you got injured or it's your first run ever, chances are, you'll still be fit to be work. so yes, i was back at my desk the day after, thinking of my training strategy for my next run.

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