20 March 2012

mosaic 2012

there really isn't too much to tell about my mosaic experience this year. only that i got to watch the lovely and talented stacey kent live at the esplanade. i took a cab from the office at cbp to the city (on a friday, in rush hour. so figure out how much that cost!). but it was definitely worth it. 

mosaic floor

2012 program

i love her songs and her voice. i was quite surprised by the turnout. the concert hall was full. apparently, jazz/easy listening music is something that singaporeans appreciate. after the concert, i hung around, not really to get an autograph, but just to take a picture. hearing the way she talked to the people who lined up for pictures and autographs, i think she's really nice and down to earth. 


i didn't get to watch any of the other shows in this year's festival. hopefully, i can do that next year. for now, it's find that i got to hear stacey (yeah, we're close now. :) ) 

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