02 February 2012

project lunchbox: salmon, fritata, salad and a sandwich

i knew this week was going to be full of stress and i was psyching myself for long days (aka. overtime!). nevertheless, i managed to make my meals.

day 1: 
for the main meal, i cooked up salmon farfalle*
*farfalle - bow-tie pasta

my ingredients: farafalle, sour cream, olive oil, pepper, oregano, white onions, cherry tomatoes, a few sticks of asparagus and salmon (i only used half of the salmon for this).

in olive oil, sautee garlic, onions, tomatoes and the salmon. add a bit of salt, pepper and oregano.

salmon cooks pretty fast, so all this happens in just a few minutes. i press on the tomatoes so that the juices come out. it adds to the taste.

add the sour cream and the asparagus, just leave it on the heat for a couple of minutes. if you find that the sauce is too sour for your taste, simply sprinkle some parmesan cheese to the mix.

day one's meal is done. i paired it with some snacks below:

day 2:
i had more time to prepare, so i thought i'd experiment with making egg fritata.
my ingredients: olive oil, black pepper, milk, parmesan cheese, about 4 eggs, chopped leeks, peas

the original recipe's instructions were to take the peas out of the pod, and put it in the mix. but i found the peas too small, so it probably won't do anything for the dish. i decided to take it out of the mix and use the peas as a side dish.

sautee the leeks in olive oil.


beat the eggs and pour on to the pan.


it was at this point that i realized the recipe actually said to cook this in a double broiler. too late then, so i simply monitored the pan and made sure the egg was properly cooked and the bottom does not burn.

when i took it out, it looked like this. there were some burnt parts, but all in all, it looked good.


i made pizza slices, added the lightly boiled peas...

and add some fruits and a PB sandwich!

day 3:
was salad day, and i decided to make waldorf salad.

ingredients: chopped celery, sliced grapes, sliced apples, chopped almonds and cashews.
*the original waldorf salad uses chopped walnuts, but a bag of walnuts here in sg is way too expensive, so i had to improvise a little bit.


prepare a bed of lettuce

add mayonnaise to the salad and mix it all up.

and here's my day 3 meal:

day 4: was dismal. by this time, i was too stressed and was working overtime, i didn't have time to get more fresh vegetables, so i settled for my leftover supplies and a peanut butter/jelly sandwich

i definitely have to do better on this project. next week will be a real challenge. 

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