05 February 2012

the other starry night

someday, i will go to paris and bliss out on all the museums there. for now, i have to do with the occasional exhibits from the national museum of singapore. this time, paris' musee d'orsay loaned some paintings, and i only found out about it early january. so i dragged lloydie to the museum to check it out.


beautiful "birth of venus"

birth of venus


woman with a parasol

stokes' somber painting

the young girl and death

and the star of the exhibit: van gogh's "starry night"

the other starry night

this is the other version of "starry night". the other one is at the MOMA in new york.

a bit of wishful thinking, but i hope they get to borrow the mona lisa from the louvre someday. or maybe i'll just have to plan a trip to pari soon.

more pictures here.

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