26 February 2012

my saturday shopping spree

once in a while, i allow myself to indulge a little bit and treat myself to some shopping. i had an appointment around the orchard area this saturday, and jp was working in the afternoon, so after lunch at lucky plaza, we parted ways, and i roamed around ion orchard. i made a beeline for one of my favorite stores and stocked up on some girly stuff.

my appointment was close to tanglin mall, so i also dropped by there and went to tatty marsh. according to their website, they're the "only official stockists" of several british home brands, one of which is cath kidston. i love cath kidston's prints. they're so feminine and pretty. i loved looking at the displays at the store.



they had some pretty cute tea sets, as well as plates and aprons. i was tempted to get some, but i thought i'd wait till i have a place of my own to display them.

pretty make up kits...


and of course, the bags. they're on sale at 30% off..



they're all so pretty, i had a hard time picking out which one i'd get. in the end, i settled for a simple book bag. i'll probably come back if they have the cross-body bags in stock.

so here's my loot for today: a couple of stuff from sephora, my new bag, and two new books!

today's shopping spree!

simple joys on another weekend here in singapore.

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