01 February 2012

my december and january...via instagram

i think i've lost the will to say anything online that's longer than 140 characters. yes folks, i got addicted (maybe i still am) to twitter. for the past couple of weeks, my phone has been glued to my hands, and i have been scrolling through pages and pages of twitter feeds.

so i guess my first post of the year is to tell a little bit more about the stuff i've posted in instagr.am.


i ran the standard chartered half-marathon again. my timing was dismal, to be honest. i didn't really do any training in the weeks leading up to race day. towards the 18th kilometer, i was literally in tears and i said, to no one in particular: "i'm so tired!" the lady running beside me heard and told me "it's only 3 more kilometers!"
and so i ran-walk-ran my way to the finish line. ugh, i was so tired!


the christmas decor at marina square was my favorite among all the malls in singapore.


at the office, we decorated our work area with the "angry birds" theme. we spent a whole lot of paper, glue, paint, etc that our manager told us to make sure our area was looking like a kid's area with all the clutter. we won second place and a pizza party (which we haven't claimed yet, i think). we didn't have a chance with that other group who brought a mini-castle to the office.

before i left for manila, lloydie and i had dinner at gyu-kaku over at chjimes. the wagyu beef was seriously awesome.

in manila, i got to hang out with the girl-gremlins..


and indulge in a lot of good food! those cinnamon buns below are HEAVEN!



the highlight of my january is definitely seeing the other "starry night" by van gogh at the national museum.
the exhibit from paris' musee d'orsay is so inspiring and the works are so beautiful, i could have spent the whole day there just looking at every piece. 

the other "starry night" by van gogh on exhibit at natl museum of sg

and so that was the end of 2011 and the first month of 2012. the year is starting out slow for me, i haven't really figured out which way i want it to go, but i have some ideas in mind, which i'll be sharing soon. if i manage to tear myself away from twitter, that is.

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