09 February 2012

mini-goal accomplished!

the east coast park (ecp) is a stretch of land along, well, obviously, the east coast of singapore. this is one of the more popular family/barkada hangouts, especially during weekends or holidays. my friends and i have done several barbeque parties here over the years, and it's a good place to eat seafood. on weekends, there'll be a lot of runners, bikers, rollerbladers here too.

the nice thing about the ecp is that it's part of the park connector network, which means it's connected to other parks in the east side of singapore. truth be told, although lloydie and i have been riding bikes at ecp for a long time, we haven't really ventured outside of ecp itself. well, a couple of days ago, i'm proud to say we did just that, biking our way through to the edge of the ecp, and ending up at changi beach park. here's the map of our bike route. that's about 17 kms. 

the good thing about our little excursion was that we rented the bike at ecp, but returned them at the pcn pitstop in changi beach. no need to bike again all the way to ecp, which i'm sure we couldn't have done, as that 2.5 hour bike ride was exhausting.


i liked the fact that as you move towards the edge of ecp, it gets more quiet and there are less people. and the route is not so bumpy. 



along the way, you pass by a part of changi airport. so you can see planes landing and taking off.


and you also pass by the changi exhibition center. this is where they'll be doing the yearly airshow (another thing we have to see while here in singapore).


by the time we reached changi beach park, we were so tired!


i like changi beach. there is a portion of the park where the trees make you feel like you're in baguio, and then you get out of that part, and the beach is there! umm. the beach is not so nice though. the sand looks nice, ie. white, but the beach is dirty!

i mean, this is singapore, the most o.c. place about cleanliness. shouldn't their beach, small as it is, be spotless?!

anyway, we returned our bikes and rested for a bit. after that, we took a bus back to the nearest mrt station, mission accomplished! my next plan is for us to bike through pasir ris park, which is near my flat up to bedok reservoir. we'll probably do that in a couple of months. i think the sight of a bicycle might freak lloydie out. :)

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