18 May 2011

hello again, boracay!

the first time i went to boracay was in college, senior year. i went with my classmates as our graduation outing. i loved the powder white sand, the clean beaches and at that time, good food that can easily be bought at small restaurants. to be honest, i didn't have a concept of what station 1,2,3 were, i just knew station 1 was where we always stayed.

over the years, i've been to the island several times. for the usual getaways or several friends' weddings.  everytime i go back, there's always something that's changed. slowly, but surely, commercialism and modernity has settled into the island.

this year, i went with my family. it was my nephews and nieces' first time to go to boracay. the almost 6-hour trip (we went the kalibo route) was still worth it, once you see the beach.


and the sky bursting in color when sunset arrives...


at night, there's a lot of entertainment and shopping options for the kids. i suppose this is a positive thing. years ago, your only gimik option in boracay was hanging out on the sand with drinks on-hand. or, go to the few bars along the streets. these days, the "d'mall" area is full of restaurants and shops, good enough to entertain the kids for a couple of hours.




overall, it was a good trip. i'm glad we did it before boracay becomes too commercialized (well, actually, it already is, but at this point, the beach is still beautiful, unlike what happened to puerto galera). i hope that the next time we come back, there won't be a jollibee or mcdonalds on the island. that would just kill the beach experience, really.

more pictures here and here
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