10 February 2011

miss janet's concert

when janet jackson went to manila for a concert a couple of years ago, i did not have the moolah to buy tickets to her show. thankfully, i got the chance to watch it now, here in singapore. last monday, i went to the concert despite the fact i was feeling feverish.

it was a fun night, especially because she was performing her #1 singles, so it was a walk down memory lane. most of the songs were from my high school years (god, i feel old!). i'm still a fan.

i bought the cheapest seats, because i figured i was just there to listen, and besides, there will be a jumbotron anyway. lucky for us, we got upgraded to the more expensive seats. it looks like not all tickets were sold (i don't know why. it's JANET J., singapore!).


as with most concerts, it didn't really start at 8. when we got there, people were just starting to trickle in.
*jologs moment: spotted aiza seguerra with girlfriend. but i didn't bother to take/ask for a picture. they were kinda in their own world. pda, much!


about half an hour later, medyo napuno rin. so the lights dimmed. there was a short video about her tour. so apparently, she's gonna do 35 cities corresponding to her 35 #1 songs, and she'll dedicate a song for each city. singapore's is "someone to call my lover". i like the remix version they played.


and lumabas na si ate


still sexy after all these years. and can i say this: i covet her boobs! cleavage kung cleavage!


she is still fierce


she sang "scream" which is a duet with her brother


i really liked the songs, and her moves. nagbalik high school ako, and almost (almost lang) cried when i heard my two favorite songs by her.

 there was a touching moment when she sang the line "no worries will you ever see my, baby" and they flashed a picture of michael on the screen. i think she choked back tears. so touching.


here's the closing song. this one took me back to senior year, high school. so many fond memories of my batchmates with this song.

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