15 November 2011

project lunchbox: simple chicken tortilla

yesterday, i went to dinner with some friends, so i got home quite late. but i managed to prepare for the second day. this one is easy-peasy, i can sum it up in one (long sentence).

day2-second day lunch

lettuce, onions, yellow pepper, a few strips of roasted chicken breast, with about 1 Tbsp, of Ranch Dressing, placed in tortilla wrap, yep. that's it.
day2-lets wrap!

side note: aren't these tomatoes just so cute? they cost a little bit more than the usual tomatoes, but i couldn't resist.

but i also prepared my biscuits with cheese.
day2-one more shot

the biscuits, plus the wrap and a few pieces of grapes, that's my packed lunch for the second day.

day2-second day lunch2

it's almost the middle of the week and i need to prep for the third day. later, folks!

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