15 November 2011

project lunchbox: orange and beef salad

i prepared for the challenge by listing out my meals for the week and the ingredients i need to get at the grocery. i must say, it was kind of hard to think of the meals i wanted to prepare. my goals was to buy most of the ingredients in bulk and be able to use them throughout the week. since i didn't want to drop by the grocery almost everyday, i bought all the things i needed on sunday night.

day1-my first day lunch

for day 1, i was supposed to prepare orange ginger salad*. full disclosure: the original recipe called for ginger root, honey and dried cranberries, but i didn't get these ingredients because a) there was no ginger root at the shop that day, b) i don't really like honey and c) there also wasn't any dried cranberries. so this one is obviously modified. so i will be renaming this as orange and beef salad.

the cast of characters (from the top): beautiful beef strips, mushrooms, garlic, one each of onions, minced, orange, cut into cubes, a carrot, sliced into strips, and a few broccoli florets. i'm not going to use ALL of these ingredients for the salad. read on...

day1-my ingredients

some seasonings for the dressing: 1 tsp. soy sauce, 2 tsp. EVOO, 1 tsp. sesame seeds, 1 tsp.rice vinegar, a dash of salt and pepper, plus i replaced the honey with about 1 tsp. of sugar.

day1-make the dressing for the salad

first, i sauteed the beef in some oil, garlic and onions. the beef will cook quickly, because it's thinly sliced.
day1-sauteed beef in onion and garlic

i set aside half of the cooked beef. the rest of the beef stays in the pan, and i mix in the carrots and broccoli, adding in some soy sauce, salt and pepper. i just let this cook for a bit, and...well, that's my sunday night dinner.

day1-add in the veggies

so on to the salad. i roast the mushrooms in EVOO for a few minutes,

day1-roast the mushrooms

and after that, i mixed it with the beef, the orange slices and poured the dressing over. the last step is to place it into a bed of sliced lettuce.

day1-sprinkle some sesame seeds

here's my beef, cooked two-ways.

day1-beef strip prepared two ways

and here's my first boxed lunch for the challenge. for snacks, i packed some pretzels and black and blue berries.
day1-my first day lunch
now on to the second day...

*orange ginger salad source

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