30 September 2011

our f1 weekend

every year, singapore holds the F1 night race at the heart of the city. it's actually a fun event because they also invite international artists to perform in shows, which is a good thing for people like me who are not really interested in the race.

two years ago, they held the concerts at the fort canning park where i got to watch the beyonce and b.e.p. concert. i think starting last year, the organizers decided to put up the concerts in areas near the race tracks. anyway, lloydie bought us walkabout tickets to the saturday event. as i said, i'm not really into the race itself, just for the concert.


    stolen shot from the overpass. those seats are reserved for those with much more expensive tickets

we went there about 5PM, just enough time to have light dinner and watch one race. it wasn't the main event yet, and i don't know what cars were used, but they were pretty fast. i think the best view really is from where the cars turn a corner. this is the shot i managed to make.


this one, wala lang, it's always nice to take a shot of singapore icons. and i just miss going to the city. imagine, we can see MBS from our office windows before. now, we've been exiled to the probinsya that we call cbp! boo!

while waiting for shakira's show, we walked around the esplanade and the padang area.


and then finally, si ate shakira, lumabas na! her abs are to die for, really. and although we couldn't understand half of her songs, she performed really well and super energetic sya. it was a good show


i took a video of her "hips don't lie" performance, but it was ruined by background screaming from the guy behind me. i really don't think you'd want to see that. :)

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