17 November 2011

project lunchbox: seafood salads

as i go further on in the week, and work catches up with me, thereby causing me to go home later, i'm actually finding it difficult to set aside the time to make my meals. but, i'll forge on, people!

for day 3 of the project, i went with a simple shrimp and vegetable salad with low-fat mayo dressing. for snacks, i bought some lovely strawberries and pretzels.
day3: shrimp salad

day3: project lunchbox

and for day 4, i prepared this slightly modified greek salad (no feta cheese this time) in the morning, just before i left for work.

day4-tossing all the stuff for the salad

for snacks, again it was the pretzels and sliced orange.
day4-lunch for day 4

i know, the pretzels! i've got to have some variety, but i'm obsessed with it right now. i bought a big bag, so i want to finish it off this week.

a confession: i wasn't able to eat the salad for lunch at work. there was this potluck event at the office, plus a townhall with snacks afterwards. but it's all good, because i had the salad for dinner!

and on to day 5....

15 November 2011

project lunchbox: simple chicken tortilla

yesterday, i went to dinner with some friends, so i got home quite late. but i managed to prepare for the second day. this one is easy-peasy, i can sum it up in one (long sentence).

day2-second day lunch

project lunchbox: orange and beef salad

i prepared for the challenge by listing out my meals for the week and the ingredients i need to get at the grocery. i must say, it was kind of hard to think of the meals i wanted to prepare. my goals was to buy most of the ingredients in bulk and be able to use them throughout the week. since i didn't want to drop by the grocery almost everyday, i bought all the things i needed on sunday night.

day1-my first day lunch

for day 1, i was supposed to prepare orange ginger salad*. full disclosure: the original recipe called for ginger root, honey and dried cranberries, but i didn't get these ingredients because a) there was no ginger root at the shop that day, b) i don't really like honey and c) there also wasn't any dried cranberries. so this one is obviously modified. so i will be renaming this as orange and beef salad.

14 November 2011

ay, bali!

for the longest time, i'd been wanting to go to bali, indonesia. perhaps i took elizabeth gilbert's description of bali in her book "eat, pray, love" that i had such high expectations of the place. don't get me wrong, i also had a lonely planet book about it, too. but somehow, the more romantic version of bali was much better to read and imagine about rather than lonely planet's matter-of-fact details.

and so for our third anniversary as a couple, bali was our destination. the first thing that you notice about bali when you land is...well, it's like any old province in the philippines, except a few minutes away from the airport, you get greeted by this:

30 September 2011

our f1 weekend

every year, singapore holds the F1 night race at the heart of the city. it's actually a fun event because they also invite international artists to perform in shows, which is a good thing for people like me who are not really interested in the race.

two years ago, they held the concerts at the fort canning park where i got to watch the beyonce and b.e.p. concert. i think starting last year, the organizers decided to put up the concerts in areas near the race tracks. anyway, lloydie bought us walkabout tickets to the saturday event. as i said, i'm not really into the race itself, just for the concert.


    stolen shot from the overpass. those seats are reserved for those with much more expensive tickets

we went there about 5PM, just enough time to have light dinner and watch one race. it wasn't the main event yet, and i don't know what cars were used, but they were pretty fast. i think the best view really is from where the cars turn a corner. this is the shot i managed to make.


this one, wala lang, it's always nice to take a shot of singapore icons. and i just miss going to the city. imagine, we can see MBS from our office windows before. now, we've been exiled to the probinsya that we call cbp! boo!

while waiting for shakira's show, we walked around the esplanade and the padang area.


and then finally, si ate shakira, lumabas na! her abs are to die for, really. and although we couldn't understand half of her songs, she performed really well and super energetic sya. it was a good show


i took a video of her "hips don't lie" performance, but it was ruined by background screaming from the guy behind me. i really don't think you'd want to see that. :)

21 September 2011

cooking: pork and squash stir-fry

last saturday, i was on weekend support. that basically means, i stay home all day fixing issues at work, therefore, there's no time to go out and have some fun (boohoo!). so i took a quick bike trip to the nearby grocery for some ingredients to cook. i decided on an easy stir-fry dish for lunch (and maybe dinner).

here's my ingredients:
some sugar, oil, rice wine vinegar, sesame seeds, squash, cut into thin cubes, pork fillet, some bok choy and onions.
oh, i forgot to take a picture of the fish sauce (patis), chopped garlic and pepper.


04 August 2011

inspiring words to live by

that one line is really tempting me. can you guess which one?

                                               photo from holstee.com                                                                    

13 July 2011

one day

sometimes, a book just speaks to you -- the characters, what they're going through. this one did for me. i understand and can relate to emma's confusion about what to do with her life after graduation. i understand dex's disillusion and sometimes, bitterness at what life dealt him.

the book is 23 chapters of the two character's lives every 15th of july, the day they met, and started their friendship. out of college and trying to figure out what to do, getting jobs, being in relationships and all the while drawn to each other -- really just a nice, inspiring story.

i love this quote from the book:
"Live each day as if it's our last', that was the conventional advice, but really who had the energy for that? What if it rained or you felt a bit glandy? It just wasn't practical. Better by far to simply try and be good and courageous and bold and to make a difference. Not change the world exactly, but the bit around you. Go out there with your passion and your electric typewriter and work hard at...something. Change lives through art maybe. Cherish your friends, stay true to your principles, live passionately and fully and well. Experience new things. Love and be loved, if you ever get the chance."

i like buying books with the original cover, but it wasn't available in borders that day, so i settled for this one, and was thinking to myself: "nye, si anne hathaway?! the character is british, i wonder if she can do the proper accent".

but after finishing the book, i couldn't think of any other actress to play emma. and jim sturgess! i loved him in "across the universe".  i can't wait to see how the film turns out.

here's the trailer.

01 June 2011

cooking: shrimp in coconut milk

my boyfriend loves shrimp. buttered shrimp, to be specific. on weekends, we'd pick up a bunch of fresh shrimps from the grocery, cook them in garlic, butter(loads of butter) and some salt and pepper.

yesterday, i felt like eating shrimps, but wanted something different. i looked up some filipino recipes and found one for shrimp in coconut milk. so i tried it out.

long beans, squash/pumpkin, 1 small onion, one head of garlic
*chop then all :)


18 May 2011

hello again, boracay!

the first time i went to boracay was in college, senior year. i went with my classmates as our graduation outing. i loved the powder white sand, the clean beaches and at that time, good food that can easily be bought at small restaurants. to be honest, i didn't have a concept of what station 1,2,3 were, i just knew station 1 was where we always stayed.

over the years, i've been to the island several times. for the usual getaways or several friends' weddings.  everytime i go back, there's always something that's changed. slowly, but surely, commercialism and modernity has settled into the island.

this year, i went with my family. it was my nephews and nieces' first time to go to boracay. the almost 6-hour trip (we went the kalibo route) was still worth it, once you see the beach.


and the sky bursting in color when sunset arrives...


at night, there's a lot of entertainment and shopping options for the kids. i suppose this is a positive thing. years ago, your only gimik option in boracay was hanging out on the sand with drinks on-hand. or, go to the few bars along the streets. these days, the "d'mall" area is full of restaurants and shops, good enough to entertain the kids for a couple of hours.




overall, it was a good trip. i'm glad we did it before boracay becomes too commercialized (well, actually, it already is, but at this point, the beach is still beautiful, unlike what happened to puerto galera). i hope that the next time we come back, there won't be a jollibee or mcdonalds on the island. that would just kill the beach experience, really.

more pictures here and here

10 February 2011

miss janet's concert

when janet jackson went to manila for a concert a couple of years ago, i did not have the moolah to buy tickets to her show. thankfully, i got the chance to watch it now, here in singapore. last monday, i went to the concert despite the fact i was feeling feverish.

it was a fun night, especially because she was performing her #1 singles, so it was a walk down memory lane. most of the songs were from my high school years (god, i feel old!). i'm still a fan.

i bought the cheapest seats, because i figured i was just there to listen, and besides, there will be a jumbotron anyway. lucky for us, we got upgraded to the more expensive seats. it looks like not all tickets were sold (i don't know why. it's JANET J., singapore!).


as with most concerts, it didn't really start at 8. when we got there, people were just starting to trickle in.
*jologs moment: spotted aiza seguerra with girlfriend. but i didn't bother to take/ask for a picture. they were kinda in their own world. pda, much!


about half an hour later, medyo napuno rin. so the lights dimmed. there was a short video about her tour. so apparently, she's gonna do 35 cities corresponding to her 35 #1 songs, and she'll dedicate a song for each city. singapore's is "someone to call my lover". i like the remix version they played.


and lumabas na si ate


still sexy after all these years. and can i say this: i covet her boobs! cleavage kung cleavage!


she is still fierce


she sang "scream" which is a duet with her brother


i really liked the songs, and her moves. nagbalik high school ako, and almost (almost lang) cried when i heard my two favorite songs by her.

 there was a touching moment when she sang the line "no worries will you ever see my, baby" and they flashed a picture of michael on the screen. i think she choked back tears. so touching.


here's the closing song. this one took me back to senior year, high school. so many fond memories of my batchmates with this song.

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