03 September 2010

the lovely bones

i've always wondered where souls go after death. in the philippines, most people believe souls roam the earth for forty days (maybe to say goodbye to loved ones), before going to either heaven or hell (raised catholic, the idea of heaven vs. hell has been firmly ingrained in my brain). in "the lovely bones", the soul of the dead girl who narrates the story shows that apparently, the afterlife is not exactly what we imagined it to be. in her "heaven", she has a counsellor, a roommate, has an apartment, and sees her family struggle to accept her death.
even though the movie came out a couple of months ago, i held off on watching until i'd read the book. and now i understand why peter jackson chose to make the film. only his imagination can do justice to the book.

can't wait to get the dvd and watch the movie version!

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