16 August 2010

weekend in rawa

a few weeks ago, we were last-minute invitees to the FDS's trip to rawa island. salamat dun sa nagback out!

rawa is an island north-east of singapore. it's about a 3 hour bus and 45-minute ferry ride from singapore via the mersing ferry terminal. it's the perfect weekend get-away.

it's not too crowded at this time of the year, which is really great if you want to relax and have a little quiet time.


the view from my shades...

can we stay for one more day? puhleez?

unfortunately, it was time to go back to singapore the next day. but we will definitely come back. thanks, FDS!

15 August 2010

my first 10K

after joining several 5K runs these past few months, i finally gathered up the guts to run my first 10K. actually, i signed up last year for a different 10K, but unfortunately, hindi ko na tinakbo, because i had a stressful project that time. i got the goody bag for that, though.  this time around, i didn't really have a lot of preparation (tinamad lang talaga ako), but about two or three weeks before the race day, i increased the distance of my runs gradually. i also had a practice run around our neighborhood so i can estimate how long i'll do the race, and i estimated i'd finish in about an hour and a half.

i'm glad to say i beat my practice run time by a few minutes. when i did my practice run near my flat, i would keep going through the same paths. paulit ulit lang yung scenery. but on the actual run itself, makikita mo na marami ka palang mapupuntahan sa 10K!

sorry, 36 is not my placing. that's my bib number. yung 2001 po. i think i did fairly well, considering that there were 4,186 runners in the race. nasa middle group naman ako, so hindi rin nakakahiya.

i have a few more runs coming up in the next months. my running year will end by joining the standard chartered marathon. don't get excited, i'm just doing the 21K (half marathon). good luck to me. training starts pronto!

06 August 2010

the night festival

there are times when i just want to take a break and treat my senses to some art. you know, walk around the museum, look at paintings. i don't really do deep thinking and try to understand what a painting is all about, or try to determine if it's abstract, modern or whatever category it falls under (because i wouldn't really know). i just like looking at pretty pictures and stare at them for a while.

in singapore, the focus is mostly on works by asian artists. no picassos or van gogh's here. when museums mount exhibits of pieces they borrow from the louvre, greece or egypt, you usually have to pay for entry. that's why one of the events i look forward to is the night festival. once a year, all museums in singapore (yes, even the philatelic museum - that's a museum for postage stamps) are open until two am, and people can go in and look at various exhibits for free. there are lots of activities, so it's more interactive.

this year was no different. there was the "slowest sms billboard".

this is how you get messages up there.

and i got to watch graffiti artists at work.

one of their finished pieces.

strange and beautiful paintings, like rabbits and nudes...

clowns and fruits..

there were some outdoor performances too. unfortunately, i didn't understand what they were about.

but i'm sorry, but what's a muay thai match doing in an art fest?

the highlight of the night fest is usually the large installation at the front lawn of the national museum. two years ago, there were floating dancers. that was awesome.

this year, it was kinda boring. for the first five minutes, the discs were just moving around with different light patterns. then there was music played supposedly synchronized to the movement of each disc. we left after about ten minutes. hindi ko gets!

but it was a good experience altogether. i hope next year they make the programs and exhibits more interesting. may i suggest borrowing some pieces from the louvre again?

02 August 2010

the millenium trilogy

i finally gave in to my curiosity and picked up stieg larsson's "girl with the dragon tattoo". it's been on border's best-seller list for a couple of months, and for the past few days, i've seen people on the mrt and bus reading it. besides, lately my tv has been stuck on the c.i. (crime and investigation) channel. i'm fascinated with crimes and mysteries, so the book matches the phase i'm in right now.

i'm not really a fan of mystery thrillers, like the ones james patterson and james lee burke write. i've read sidney sheldon once, and christopher pike during high school, and decided that i can't keep up with the details in those kinds of books. surprisingly, i didn't mind reading larsson's first book. maybe it's because i liked the girl character (she's bad-ass).

it's the first book of a trilogy. i'm actually on the second book now, "the girl who played with fire".  funny, i was wondering when the movie version will be made, if at all (there are some details in the book that are quite disturbing).  then i did a quick search in google, and the first movie is about to be shown. at least, the original swedish version. hollywood is planning an english version, with daniel craig as the lead character.

i didn't actually picture the male lead looking like this in the book. the girl is close enough. and daniel craig in the hollywood version? it's a trilogy. pa'no na yung james bond nya? hehe. i was thinking the guy would look more like liam neeson (did you see him in "taken"?), and the girl, well, they got it right in this movie. please lang, not natalie portman, she doesn't look bad-ass enough.

the sad thing about these books is that the author, stieg larsson, died after he sent the first book to the publishers. so he never got to see how big his books became. i guess that adds to the intrigue surrounding the trilogy. that said, i was intrigued and i'm glad i read it. i'm looking forward to seeing the movie, if it gets shown in singapore, that is.
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