23 June 2010

since the last post

1. i ran another race. i can honestly say i've improved my time. yey!

2. i went home to manila for a break, to catch the last days of summer with the family. my mom, my sister and her family came all the way from the states. we finally met gremlin #7. yey!

ok, i think he was a little moody that day. and maybe he was getting overwhelmed with the other gremlins.

we met up with our relatives, raided the malls (i hear you, sm marikina!), and hung out at the house. i took some pictures.

3. i also attended my college friend's baby shower. yep, our barkada is definitely growing.

4. i also met up with my former bank friends. unfortunately, i wasn't able to take our picture. what i did take a picture of was the food!
inihaw platter and stuffed squid at mesa in greenbelt.

for dessert, we went over to gelatissimo. whatever calories i was trying to burn when i went to the gym that morning, they definitely found their way back. who can resist these?

and these cool flavors. i ended up taking the american chocolate flavor (not in picture). it tasted just like a snicker's bar. only creamier. i'm gaining weight as i think about it. and the great thing is, i just found out there's a branch here in singapore.

5. hmm. let me see: train for the next 10k or hang out at gelatissimo to try out all the flavors? it's a big dilemma, really
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