02 May 2010

and because i'm getting older...

i need a manual to figure out my body.  as if those science subjects in school weren't enough.

i got interested when dr. oz guested on oprah and talked about how making slight changes to your lifestyle can actually decrease your age (your real age is defined by how healthy your internal organs are, apparently).
did you know that having a daily dose of baby aspirin will help prevent clogging arteries, certain cancers and stroke? and did you know that the main reason that we yawn is because our body needs more oxgyen in the blood, and not necessarily becuase we're tired or sleepy? interesting...

i love how the book was written, as if dr. oz were speaking to you directly. and the illustrations are great help too! 

ok, now back to eating my chocolate (dark chocolate, as recommended by the doc!).
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