16 August 2010

weekend in rawa

a few weeks ago, we were last-minute invitees to the FDS's trip to rawa island. salamat dun sa nagback out!

rawa is an island north-east of singapore. it's about a 3 hour bus and 45-minute ferry ride from singapore via the mersing ferry terminal. it's the perfect weekend get-away.

it's not too crowded at this time of the year, which is really great if you want to relax and have a little quiet time.


the view from my shades...

can we stay for one more day? puhleez?

unfortunately, it was time to go back to singapore the next day. but we will definitely come back. thanks, FDS!


  1. it looks like a nice island,pwede ba day trip lang jan sa rawa island?is it part of malaysia na ba?pag overnight magkano kaya rates ng mga accomodation jan?i planning a trip to malaysia early next year.pero balak ko talaga is from malaysia i'll fly to myanmar.was it you on travbuddy who went to myanmar,i was looking for a post about myanmar here pero parang wala

  2. hi!i think its better to do at least overnight in rawa because it's quite a few hours away from kl.
    it's about a 4 hour bus and 45 minute boat ride from singapore (so yes, bring your passport, you're gonna pass by immigration in sg).

    as for myanmar, i have a post about it. just search for myanmar in the search box and my series should appear. enjoy!

    thanks for visiting!


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