15 August 2010

my first 10K

after joining several 5K runs these past few months, i finally gathered up the guts to run my first 10K. actually, i signed up last year for a different 10K, but unfortunately, hindi ko na tinakbo, because i had a stressful project that time. i got the goody bag for that, though.  this time around, i didn't really have a lot of preparation (tinamad lang talaga ako), but about two or three weeks before the race day, i increased the distance of my runs gradually. i also had a practice run around our neighborhood so i can estimate how long i'll do the race, and i estimated i'd finish in about an hour and a half.

i'm glad to say i beat my practice run time by a few minutes. when i did my practice run near my flat, i would keep going through the same paths. paulit ulit lang yung scenery. but on the actual run itself, makikita mo na marami ka palang mapupuntahan sa 10K!

sorry, 36 is not my placing. that's my bib number. yung 2001 po. i think i did fairly well, considering that there were 4,186 runners in the race. nasa middle group naman ako, so hindi rin nakakahiya.

i have a few more runs coming up in the next months. my running year will end by joining the standard chartered marathon. don't get excited, i'm just doing the 21K (half marathon). good luck to me. training starts pronto!

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