02 August 2010

the millenium trilogy

i finally gave in to my curiosity and picked up stieg larsson's "girl with the dragon tattoo". it's been on border's best-seller list for a couple of months, and for the past few days, i've seen people on the mrt and bus reading it. besides, lately my tv has been stuck on the c.i. (crime and investigation) channel. i'm fascinated with crimes and mysteries, so the book matches the phase i'm in right now.

i'm not really a fan of mystery thrillers, like the ones james patterson and james lee burke write. i've read sidney sheldon once, and christopher pike during high school, and decided that i can't keep up with the details in those kinds of books. surprisingly, i didn't mind reading larsson's first book. maybe it's because i liked the girl character (she's bad-ass).

it's the first book of a trilogy. i'm actually on the second book now, "the girl who played with fire".  funny, i was wondering when the movie version will be made, if at all (there are some details in the book that are quite disturbing).  then i did a quick search in google, and the first movie is about to be shown. at least, the original swedish version. hollywood is planning an english version, with daniel craig as the lead character.

i didn't actually picture the male lead looking like this in the book. the girl is close enough. and daniel craig in the hollywood version? it's a trilogy. pa'no na yung james bond nya? hehe. i was thinking the guy would look more like liam neeson (did you see him in "taken"?), and the girl, well, they got it right in this movie. please lang, not natalie portman, she doesn't look bad-ass enough.

the sad thing about these books is that the author, stieg larsson, died after he sent the first book to the publishers. so he never got to see how big his books became. i guess that adds to the intrigue surrounding the trilogy. that said, i was intrigued and i'm glad i read it. i'm looking forward to seeing the movie, if it gets shown in singapore, that is.


  1. haven't read any of LArsson's books yet... i got discouraged with some of the reviews.
    Curious, why would sg not show the movie?

  2. hallo! if they're gonna literally copy the book, merong mga graphic na scenes. for sure,yung censors ng sg hindi papayag:)

  3. ah hahhaha okay now i understand what you are saying! even in DVD releases SG is quite strict.if you have seen amelie DVD sg release, a lot of harmless 'graphic' scenes were nipped off. There is another movie call Novo, i think only 1/3 of the contents were left from the original one after the censors nipped it, so you have to use your deductive reasoning to understand the plot


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