12 July 2010

new stuff at sentosa

visited sentosa a couple of weeks ago. we were actually there to try out the casino, so we went a little bit late. universal studios was still open, though the rides were closing down. we bought the after-hours walkabout tickets for about $2 each, you can walk around hollywood boulevard and take some pictures inside.

the first thing you see when you get in is the shrek studio. lots of souvenirs here. good luck to the parents, i'm sure the kids will want to buy everything they see here.

there's really nothing much to do here, unless the rides are open. but you will definitely take a lot of pictures.

right outside the theme park is hershey's world. good luck again to the parents, your kids will want to buy all the chocolates; it doesn't matter that you can buy the same chocolates at the grocery.

i will not have to wait for shipments from the states for york's. yipee!

anyway, the main purpose of the night was take a look at the casino and maybe try our luck at the slot machines.

no pictures allowed inside the casino, of course. but let me tell you, the place is huge and there are a lot of people inside. i'm thinking they'll probably get their r.o.i. in about two years. this despite the fact that they impose a $100 entrance fee for P.R's and citizens. parang wala lang ang $100 dahil there were still a lot of locals there.

anyway, i'm not much of a gambler. mainly due to the fact that i don't know how. hehe. not even the slot machines. it's not that straightforward "pull the knob and wait for three figures to line up" kind of thing. it's all computerized, and kind of confusing. there is a "help" menu, which i spent a lot of time reading. it's different for each game.

all in all, we spent about $30 for the slots. the moment we won about $130, we stopped already. bawi na sa puhunan, as they say. wouldn't want to risk it. it was fun for a night, but i don't think we'll be coming back there soon. unless we drop by universal again, and we get really, really thirsty (libre ang tubig at softdrinks sa casino!).

next time we'll be trying the marina bay casino. i wonder if they serve free drinks too?

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