11 January 2010

iron chef - mexican/spanish night

we could be starting something here. one weekend, my friends decided to organize a themed cookout night. nothing too fancy, just a get-together at the kman's flat, have a nice meal, and watch some tv.

but someone was only too happy to make the extra effort to give us a great dinner. look what we had.

seafood paella...

and it wasn't enough that we had just one kind of paella. we also had a meat version.

and chips and salsa (my contribution), sliced veggies and chili con carne (it's in the pot below). and so it began...

for dessert, delicious crema de fruta!
so the iron chef award this time goes to the kman. he cooked all that. (pwede na mag-asawa, right? hehehe)
until the next one, iron chef-mates! let's think of more exotic themes. i'm thinking turkish? indian?


  1. oh goodness nagutom ako sa paella! at namiss ko bigla yung salsa mo :D

  2. grabe kinarir talaga ni kreis!!
    winnur! :D

  3. hi girls!
    @ninya, come on over sa singapore, gagawan kita ng salsa!

    @foy. oo nga e. napahiya ang girls kay kman.


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