21 May 2009

the skinny bitch

i bought a copy of "the skinny bitch" to look for some more tips on how to tackle the weighty matter that is my body. i was expecting some recipes, exercise tips, the usual things you'd find in these kinds of books. pero this one was different.

i liked the tone of the writing. parang siga yung nagsusulat. it's tough talking, there's no sugar-coating, and funny too. BUT...mahirap yung pinapagawa nya. basically, it's just telling its readers to go vegan. as in, no beef, pork, chicken, fish, dairy products..so basically, no kaldereta, lechon(!), chicken joy, sushi, cake (or anything else na may milk). kamusta naman di ba! for a typical carnivorous pinoy like me, parang sinabihan mo na rin ako na wag na lang ako kumain. i should just eat rice (brown rice, which is fine for me), pero wag na lang ako magulam. i mean, masarap pa minsan minsan ang nilagang kangkong, at okra (yummy with bagoong, right..pero since bawal nga ang seafood, haay), nakakasawa rin di ba.

the arguments may seem to make sense at first (i found myself muttering "oo nga, no!" in several chapters), pero after reading, medyo napaisip ako. i think i need to do a bit more research. consider: they're saying in the book that milk is addictive(parang drugs), and that our bodies really weren't built for eating meat (eh pa'no yung mga cavemen?). so medyo hindi ako sold sa idea.

anyway, if the arguments don't convince you, maybe the description of how they slaughter cows, pigs and chickens will. medyo graphic yung pagkasulat, that the picture in my mind actually made me say "sorry" to all the cows, pigs and chickens i've ever eaten. ok na sana sa akin yon, kaso the authors made a majority of the book a long drawn out ranting on the U.S. meat industry. so medyo parang may political agenda. oh well.

definitely, that graphic description made me refuse to eat meat for a week. kawawa naman yung kasama ko, naging vegan din for a week. then a few days into my "vegan" phase, my friends and i went to this pinoy restaurant in outram park. ayun, nakalimutan ko bigla yung sinulat sa "skinny bitch". e kung may nakahain na crispy pata, sisig, sinigang at kare-kare sa mesa, how could i resist?

i think i'll just stick to the basics for now (healthy eating, more physical activity, etc, etc.). i guess when i read the book for a third time, i'll probably get back to being vegan...until the next party. comes along. we'll see how i do then.
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