17 April 2009


i just saw the episode where anthony bourdain went to the philippines. then i read the blog entry about his visit. we are number one in hierarchy for the best roasted pork. LECHON, baby! and where did he taste the best lechon ever? CEBU! i had my doubts. because for me, lechon is lechon, wherever it's cooked.

my officemates have been telling me iba daw talaga ang lasa ng lechon sa cebu. no need for mang tomas or gravy. seriously? lechon goes with mang tomas, right? and so i went to cebu to find out for myself. and ooh la la, bourdain is so right! yummiest roasted pork ever. and really, no need for mang tomas. to use the term, it stands on its own. the locals dip it in vinegar (their own kind, of course). too bad the customs guys didn't allow us to bring the bottle. boo!

here's a picture. this was the first meal i had when i arrived. generic lechon pa lang yan ha, meaning yung nasa mall na. the best one i tasted was especially bought for me, and served when we got back from our beach outing. i didn't take a picture of the whole thing because a) although i'm a carnivore, i don't fancy taking pictures of the actual animal i will be ingesting and b) nahiya ako sa hosts ko, baka sabihin i'm a "turista" talaga.

lechon with "puso" at the cebu ayala mall

anyway, it was the best lechon ever. i will be going back for more.

*more pictures from cebu trip later...
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