12 August 2008

singfest 2008

it must be a sign of getting older. these days, i prefer hanging out with a small bunch of friends, over dinner and maybe a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. ok, i'll admit, any kind of alcohol..but that's beside the point. the point is, i don't fancy crowded places, standing along with a sweaty bunch of teenagers (that makes me feel older!). but last july, when i heard of who's going to be at the singfest, i had to make an exception.

i bought the ticket not thinking of who was going with me. but thankfully, i didn't have to go alone. a bunch of friends came along for the experience.

i must say, the organizers put a lot of thought to the festival. they gave free plastic sheets so you can use it to sit on the grounds, plus fans to fight off the heat. their idea of getting people to change their money for paper coupons was a bit inconvenient, but that's ok.

that's the crowd waiting to get in to the concert grounds. i liked that getting into the grounds was very organized. they let us go in by batches so we wouldn't stumble over each other..

and while waiting for the show to start, we got some drinks...

first on the stage was stacie. as randy in american idol would say, "kinda pitchy here and there", but that's ok. seeing as she started the show. she got the crowd going.

then there was jamie scott. i don't know most of his songs, but i kind of liked them. someone from my group said he complained a lot about the heat.

one republic was fun to listen to.

panic at the disco's sound was down when they started. but the singer just kept on singing. i guess he was already lost in his songs. but they fixed it two songs later. at least i got to hear that song about the bridesmaid being a whore and locking the goddamn doorknob.

one of the most applauded performance was from jason mraz. what can i say? he's one artist you should definitely hear live. super witty impromptu lyrics! and just plain great at getting the crowd to participate with him.

i must admit, when i read the line up for the singfest and saw this artist's name, i thought: "why is he here?!" but then, listening to his performance was the one where i enjoyed myself the most. well, miss a and i enjoyed,probably, because we appreciated his songs. because who else would remind you of the good old 80s other than RICK ASTLEY!! miss a and i had a fun time dancing to his songs (don't pretend you don't know what they are!)

and then, for the guys, there were the pussycat dolls. their singing and dancing was ok. it didn't really impress me a lot.

the night closed out with alicia keys. she's really pretty and her voice is great. and i liked that she was able to carry wearing high-waisted pants because not everybody can do that. by the time she got on stage, though, we were quite tired from all that dancing to rick's "never gonna give you up" and "together forever", that we only just wanted to sit and listen to alicia. no jumping and throwing our hands up in the air that time.

all in all, the singfest was great and definitely worth the expensive tickets. i hope they make it bigger and better next year. and i hope jason comes back!

here's a video i took of one of jason's songs from singfest

**artists' pictures from singfest website
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