30 July 2008

the highlight of the past week

was getting my library card renewed and finding out i've been upgraded to premium membership. this means i can now borrow eight books at once, instead of the usual four. this of course means a lot more time spent at home, holed up in my room, awake at the strangest hours. for the first round, i borrowed six. there was one really big, hardbound book i wanted to borrow, but i had the big old slr on me that day, and my shoulders can only take so much weight.

so anyway, back to the books:

-state of happiness, stella duffy: strange, poignant love story between a mapmaker and a tv producer. too much map jargon. but nice, in a p.s. i love you way. so yes, somebody dies.

-dinner with a perfect stranger, david gregory: the premise of the story: what would you discuss over dinner with jesus? i think the author was going for a mitch albom feel. i'm halfway through and my mind wanders/wonders to questions I would ask Him.

-to the lighthouse, virginia woolf: i read the back cover of the book, and it literally is about a lighthouse. how many of you knew that? this year, the goal is to read some of the classics for no reason other than to say "i've read that". you know, just in case i get into some scholarly discussion about the greatest books ever written. not that it's gonna happen anytime soon, but i might as well be prepared.

-live alone and like it, marjorie hillis: the book was published in 1936 when single women living alone were either pitied or condemned. i like the practical advice that i think still holds true until today. not so sure about the other tips though: antiquing as a hobby...really?

-teach yourself basic spanish, juan kattan-ibarra: because i missed the registration for one of those classes i planned to take. i'll use this to prepare myself for the next class i'll sign up for.

-great short stories of the masters: sort of a mix-tape of stories from chekhov, hemingway, kafka, james joyce, mark twain. again, for future scholarly discussions.

so there. now you know where i'll be the next couple of days. it's gonna take a big event to coax me out of the house. unless, of course, there's food (make that FREE food)...or music...or a little bit of alcohol.
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