03 April 2008

march is for rock

as a super-belated birthday treat to the chillis, i invited them to watch the premiere of the rock-musical, "we will rock you". i honestly didn't have any idea what the play was all about except that it's based on music from (obviously, from the title), queen. i have fond memories of freddie mercury and queen's music...

if you were a kid in the 80's, i'm sure you were subjected to the required afternoon siesta (so you'll grow taller, that was the official reason given by the elders). in our house, my siblings and i were subjected to the music of air supply, nazareth and yes, queen. my aunt, who took care of us while my mom was at the office, would plug in the cassette tape of their music (supplied by her pen pals from saudi - don't ask), as she was doing the ironing and watching us like a hawk, to make sure that we really were sleeping. i still wonder how we managed to do that with rock music blaring.

which is why, many years later, as my friends and i give a standing ovation to the cast (awesome vocals by mig ayesa and the cast, by the way), i had a sudden flash of memory from those days. it's funny how i appreciate the music more as i get older.

anyway, back to the play...

it's a very light, oftentimes funny story about the struggle to break out of mainstream conformity. i loved how they used queen's songs, and added some more current personalities, and references to singapore. and that last song just when the whole cast took their bows made the play all the more unique.

i don't want to give anything away. just expect a good time. i'm pretty sure you'll have your own 80's memory flash before you when they play "bohemian rhapsody". and of course, you'll definitely feel proud for the pinoy playing the lead.

**side note1: i actually saw mig ayesa in kopitiam near smu a few days before the play. i itched to have a picture taken with him, but my friend reminded me he was with his wife there for dinner, so that was personal time. that was a jologs moment averted. next time, i guess.

**sidenote2: mig ayesa has a nice version of "baby i love your way", which he sang in the rockstar, inxs show a couple of years ago. the video's here.

**sidenote3: some pictures from the night out courtesy of omaritosan.

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