12 March 2008

march is for music

it was supposed to be my birthday treat to the chillis and some other close friends. owing largely to my procrastination, only the pricey and single-seat tickets were being sold by the time i decided to book the show. but i really wanted to watch, because i'd heard his music before and absolutely loved it, seen him in movies (watch p.s. i love you and hope floats) and found him gorgeous, in a dorky way. so telling myself that this may be a once in a lifetime chance of seeing him perform, i bought one pricey ticket and went alone.

but it was worth it! two hours of big band music, great piano skills and that one song that made everyone, yes, even the guys (specifically, the noisy french guy beside me who loved to whistle after every song) sigh.

i saw him. i watched him. i would have snapped a lot of pictures during the concert, but it being sort of a formal affair, i had to control myself and settle for taking pictures of pictures posted at the lobby.

as we walked out of the theater, i saw a crew from the local tv station setting up. gasp! is he going out to the lobby for an interview? should i stay and wait? maybe i can get an autograph and a picture with him, elbow my way through the crowd like i did with lloydie.

but there were other more important things. like the fact that i hadn't had dinner. and chilli f was at the esplanade and about to drop from hunger as well. clearly, food beats being a groupie anyday. i guess meeting him in person will have to wait for a few more years...or not. whatever.

there's a lot more music to be listened to this month at the mosaic music festival. i wanted to watch all the performers, but because of my schedule at work (the joys of shifting!), i can only watch this one and the imago gig last sunday. but what the heck, there's always next year.

check out some more pictures:

huge billboard at the esplanade

cool light statues

a collage at the lobby

the stage at the imago show

here's a sample of harry's music. it was the theme song to the movie "when harry met sally". that's the last song he sang at the concert. i don't think the audience would have let him leave if he didn't sing it.

ps: i wouldn't have been able to watch the show without some negotiations with one of the boys to trade up on our shift. so, many thanks to the k-man!

04 March 2008

the last days of february

i know, i know. i haven't been updating as much as i'd like to. february was a crazy, happy and sad month. all three caused mostly by chilli a's departure from singapore. two weekends of despedida parties can take a toll on anyone, but i think we managed pretty well (or not!).

there was that fun, crazy party where, by the next morning, i had totally forgotten what happened the night before. i woke up wearing two oversized shirts and wondering how i got in them. that was a party we talked about for days. here are some pictures*. it's the most wholesome, non-incriminating pictures i could find from multiply. there are others out there, somewhere....

and the goodbye was not yet over for chilli a. the next weekend, there was another gathering of friends, old and new.**

until finally, there was that one last goodbye at the airport. funny, there were no tears. probably because we all knew there really is no goodbye. just saying see you again (and soon!).

to a, chilli, fellow geek, trav buddy, person who tells brutal truths, flirt, who spouts chemical formula one moment and waxes poetic about philosophy the next, i hope you're enjoying manila right now and missing the people in singapore. you are definitely missed here at the red dot.

*pics from annybunch
**pic from miss anna
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