06 February 2008

the song for travellers

stacey kent is one of my recent musical discoveries. i was browsing hmv a few weeks ago, landed on the jazz section, and i found her latest album. i loved the music on the cd that i didn't think twice about buying it. her voice is really soothing. and her music, if it can be described, is something you can play a) on a very early weekend morning, while you're eating breakfast and just planning to laze the day away, or b) sitting around somewhere with friends over coffee after a late night out.

out of all the songs in the cd, this one is my favorite. perfect for travellers, like me and my chilli friends. listen to the song and try to recall your various travel experiences. whether it's running frantically towards the boarding gate before the plane leaves without you, haggling over souvenirs with vendors who don't understand what you're saying, or just standing in a place you've only read about in books..i'm sure everyone's got a travel story they won't ever forget.

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