10 September 2008

all i really wanted

...was some sand, sea and sun. and maybe a couple of mountains on the horizon. i wanted the beach, the REAL one. and i got it on my brief trip home.

well, i also wanted the usual pinoy food we miss from manila, and watch a filipino movie, and play with the gremlins. i'm back to work a couple of pounds heavier, a little bit darker, but
i'd say i'm a happy camper for now.

more pictures and stories later.


  1. aiyah. kebs na sa weight basta happiness! =)

    wag ka lang papakita sa officemates ko. HAHAHAAHAHA.

  2. ay oo. di ako magpapakita sa vicinity ng office nyo. mahirap na ma-okray ng officemates mo. :)

  3. really nice photo! saan ba yan? hehehe! alam mo naman ako! pag nakakita nang tubig, lumalabas ang palikpik kahit na digital sya heheeh


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