14 May 2008

the myanmar adventure-day3

we had an early start on our second day in bagan. chillis a and n, the two who researched the temples we MUST see, were determined to accomplish just that in the limited time we had. our flight back to yangon (to take our singapore-bound flight the next day) was at four in the afternoon, so we had to complete our sight-seeing before that.

after a quick stop at a souvenir shop to buy some trinkets, we visited our first temple for the day. similar to the sunset pagoda, we climbed on top of it. and again, the view was breathtaking. this time, the sun was shining, the sky was blue, and our feet weren't getting burned....yet.

we walked ancient roads...

and saw structures that have been in existence for thousands of years.

mr. sun had a lot of interesting stories to tell us about each and every temple. you know the term, information overload? we experienced that! between that and the awesome structures we had around us, one is bound to space out, literally, and forget some of the things that are being said.

i did, remember the story about the temple built by the crazy king, whose workers were executed if a needle can be pushed between the bricks they laid. and, there was no scaffolding, no ladders used on this one. the workers were made to stand on top of each other to build this temple...

and then there was this story about the king who wasn't supposed to be the king, because he wasn't the first-in-line. but he got chosen anyway, because the white umbrella tilted in his position. he built this..it was by this time, we noticed mr. sun would answer "why not?", in a distinctive tone everytime we asked him a question. we started imitating him. could we climb up the pagoda? "why not?" could we stop by this place? "why not?" but as i said previously, this phrase will be part of our vocabulary for the duration of our stay.

there were many more stories told by our guide. and i could see he wanted to say a lot more, but we were really short of time. there were some interesting places we didn't go into. we either stopped by the road and took pictures of it, or viewed it through the window of our van.

our last stop, at about two in the afternoon, was lunch at a restaurant beside their city gate.

we figured we can still make a quick stop to the hotel to freshen up and get our things, just in time to make it to the airport for the flight back to yangon. we were mistaken...

more pictures from bagan here
the view from the top of a temple

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  1. ays natetempt na talaga ako icopy and paste ito hahahahah! asan na pic mo ng miss photojournalist in action :D pero ang ganda ganda nga ng bagan noh? *siggghhh* siguro kung may time tayo baka na-oc tayo at check natin ang pagodas starting from pagoda number 1 hhahahaah


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