09 August 2007

happy birthday, singapore

one of the things i like about singapore is that it doesn't get visited by typhoons. sure, it rains sometimes, but not so much that it causes classes to get suspended, or work to be called off. like this picture i took a few weeks ago. the dark clouds threatened a downpour, but a few minutes later, they all cleared out and it was sunny again.

that big ferris wheel down there? that'll be the singapore flyer, slated to open in 2009. and those colored bleachers? that was filled with people for the national day parade.

while singapore celebrated it's birthday, i was at the east side having barbecue with some friends.

there was laughter (though i don't know what the guy was laughing about)

and we waited for the food while catching up on stuff...

there was some posing from the boys

and of course, pictures were taken, lots of them.

i sneaked out of the party earlier than most of them because i had to attend chilli n's despedida dinner over at depot road, at a new-found, soon-to-be-favorite eating place called botak jones (there will be pictures soon, promise).

chilli n caught the pouting craze and was practicing it. she got the hang of it better than most of us. which will be useful when she gets to the land of old castles, ronan keating, and brad pitt in "the devil's own" (insert private chilli joke here).

so that was how i spent the ndp holiday..with friends old and new. and food, definitely lots of food.

if you're living in singapore, how did you spend your ndp holiday? share with me your stories and pictures, because i missed the fireworks ( i heard it was great!).

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