25 June 2007

tj's, the bridge and pablo

this past weekend, we again immersed ourselves in art appreciation by going to the picasso exhibit at stpi. but first, there was that long breakfast, the star of which were some tj hotdogs flown in from manila by chilli f.
in the afternoon, we had a leisurely walk going over to the exhibit. it was just a stone's throw away from chilli a's flat, which gave us lots of time to have a little bit of fun..
...and discover (at least i did) that the pink bridge with colorful circles at robertson quay is actually the work of a filipino artist. i've passed by this bridge several times in the past and didn't quite know whose idea it was to add a little burst of color to the singapore river. so discovering it was a filipino was a pleasant surprise.
a few steps away from the bridge was the stpi where the master's collection was on display. now i don't know much about picasso, except the fact that he had that blue and red period, and he did cubes..a lot (memories from joining the art club in college). but this exhibit was a different one.
the collection is called the vollard suite. it's named after an art dealer from whom picasso wanted to buy works from other painters. instead of money, the art dealer asked picasso to give him some of his prints and the rights to publish them. cool, huh? and just to prove how valuable art is, i read from the brochure that picasso paid for a house with some of his paintings.
we all agreed that the guy's a genius. if you look closely at his works on this collection, you'd know that he idolized rembrandt, he had a serious obssession with minotaurs, and he had a fascination for women.
again, no picture-taking allowed inside, but here are some samples.

afterwards, we all happily discovered that we can definitely hang out in this area. it reminded us of greenbelt. and it seemed much more quiet and subdued than clarke quay. definitely one we'll try one of these days (or nights).

happy birthday to other-half-of e, k!
happy birthday to former bank buddy, now attorney, w!

23 June 2007

wine, cheese, chillis

inspired by this entry, we were set to go out to one of the parks here in singapore, have a "sideways" night under the moon, and do a little star-gazing. unfortunately, one of us was not feeling so well, and we had to settle for having the wine-and-cheese get together at chilli n's house. but that didn't dampen our spirits.
after all, there was still great wine. though not being connossieurs, we knew we had some good ones. like these red and white (the white was a leftover australian one i brought from the wedding at boracay).
there was not one, but three types of cheeses to choose from. and all three were so..for lack of a better word: yummy! and of course, there was great conversation on a wide range of topics, that lasted long after the wine and the cheese were gone.

at the end of the night, we all concluded that it's nice to try out something different than the usual beer and chips from time to time. even in the usual things we do every weekend. we can spend it going to the malls and shop, hang out at a bar and drink booze or spend an afternoon looking at art.
which brings me to what we did the next time we all got together: visit the singapore art museum to view prints from the Louvre. it was a seriously fascinating exhibit that i'd recommend to anyone. the prints were so intricate and so detailed. and a bonus: there's a print of the mona lisa. that's probably the closest i can get to that picture...for now.
we did a bit more of exploring the museum, and there were works from all over asia, including the philippines. here are some pictures from that day. note chilli a and my matching shirts. no, it wasn't a uniform, just a funny coincidence.
museum rules dictate that pictures cannot be taken inside the galleries, so i don't have any to show. you would have to go there for yourself and take a look. go ahead, check it out. it's right in the middle of the city, you won't miss it. a few quiet hours looking at pictures and thinking is not such a bad way to spend your day.

more pictures here

19 June 2007

the crazy tour guide..me

i love having friends come over for a visit. especially those who i haven't seen in quite a while, and those who understand how crazy i can get. case in point: my hs friend g dropped by for a couple of days last week. and instead of taking her to the usual tourist spots in sg, where else would i take her but to lucky plaza. lucky plaza on a sunday, mind you. and to do what, you may ask. to eat pinoy food, which she obviously hasn't missed yet, since she'd only been out of the philippines for two days.

and that's not where the craziness ended. there just happened to be a tfc party for ofw's over at the smu basement in the city where pinoy artistas were attending. we didn't plan this, this just a spur-of-the moment thing. (hehe, and i can feel my nose getting longer by the minute). but i have to give it to my friend, she was game to battle the crowd, all for the sake of having a picture with....(are you ready?) him!!
cute, huh? and lest you think that was the only picture we have of him, you're sorely mistaken. we'd already almost gotten squished by the mob, why not put a little more effort. there was actually a raffle during the show for several people to get close to the table and have a "meet and greet" session with him and the others. ha! raffle schmaffle, we say. it just takes a little squeezing through the mob, and voila!
that's the friend and housemate j. but what about me, you ask? of course i had mine too.

please don't mind the manong behind me. he thought he was the one we wanted pictures with. i'm still figuring out how to photoshop him away. oh, and it's not just him we took pictures with. still high from that brief "moment" with that guy, we chanced upon more artistas walking in to get ready for another show (or something).

we got too drained from that afternoon's event that the plan to go around the city was scratched. so my poor friend had to settle for a picture at the condo, watching "the buzz". fortunately, she was able to meet up with her former officemates later that night.

ok, as a tour guide, i do know the drill. next day, i took her around the city. see? i have proof!

hey, i just realized, that's my first picture at the fountain. it's really big, isn't it? ha! the things we take for granted when we've stayed here for a long time.

17 June 2007

the short boracay break

i'm going to the ligher side now and write about that wonderful weekend at the beach. you think i was there to play hooky? well i was. but more importantly, i was there along with my close college buddies to attend our hk-based friend's wedding.
there's nothing to set the start of the weekend than colorful, happy things to welcome me back to the philippines. true, it was only more than a month since my last visit, but going home's always a good thing.

when we got to boracay, we spent a few hours resting and just catching up on the latest with each others' lives, and of course, eating the best "turon" ever. we saw sandcastles built on the beach, and by sundown, dinner tables on the beach were already set for the pre-wedding party.

the dinner was a casual affair, with sumptuous food. see that teeny tiny glass there? we got reacquainted with that old college friend. gin-pom! we couldn't stay for long, because we had work to do. we had to pack the souvenirs to give away for the wedding. which, by the way, was a big hit, especially with the foreign guests.

and on the big day itself, we got all glammed up. personally, i didn't think orange was a good color for me. but i guess my friends know better, because i didn't look too bad, if i may say so myself. these are my girl friends.

here's s ang g, who we've been trying to pair up for the longest time. and that's my partner at the wedding.
they served my favorite oysters (both baked and fresh), and wine at the pre-dinner cocktails

there was a good local band that played folk music, which we enjoyed. and take a close look at those bodies. they could pass for the cast of "300". if beating drums does that to your body, wouldn't you want to get your own set?

to add more fun to the evening, there were fireworks, and fire dancing.
and the guys led us in a conga line straight to the dinner tables. much, much later, there was lots of dancing. and just when we thought the night was winding down, we all decided a little singing on our part will be fun. so we sort of grabbed the mic from the band, and took to the stage. can we just quit our day jobs and sing every night?

not to be beaten, the boys did their own little concert. that's our guys and the groom's friends singing their hearts out.
on our last day at the island, it was a free and easy day. we walked on the beach, rode a "paraw"...

and went parasailing late in the afternoon.

and more clowning around on the way back to the resort.

finally, the night ended with dinner and a little shopping at d'mall.

the next day, my friends and i flew back to manila. they went back to the reality of hearings, cases and lawyer stuff. and as for me, i waited out my flight at the mall of asia. and in a few hours, i was back to the reality of singapore.
but i had so much fun, and i can't wait to go back to the beach again. even if it's not boracay, just as long as i'm with good old friends and having a fun, crazy time.

let's have one last look...
**some pictures from college friends d and p.
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