17 May 2007

how to hang out at the ECP

there's a lot of things you can do at the east coast park. for the unfamiliar, it's this long stretch of land at singapore's east side (obviously) where people go to bike, jog, go rollerblading, have a picnic with family, in short, a whole range of wholesome activities. here's what we sunny springers did last sunday.

first, we (i) picked out and reserved a barbecue pit online. this is where we parked our stuff.

then, the guys proceeded to start the fire for our meal. note to future picnickers: synthetic charcoal? not really easy to light up. we missed the usual uling back home, which is so much cheaper and easier to light. you're wondering, of course, why they're holding up umbrellas. well, it rained, obviously. but what's a little rain to make the picnic more exciting, huh?

the tent was also set up. we had two of them courtesy of neighbor m and housemate j. they'd bought these from carrefoure a few months back, waiting for the day we'd all finally make the previously planned picnic happen. well, sunday was the day. the boys set it up, while we girls figured out how to join the two tents together. we found a new purpose for our hair clips.
we proceed now to the team effort of actually cooking the food. i don't know about you, but seeing these again made me very hungry. the basic rule is to first grill food that takes a long time to cook. like the pork liempo. and the frozen fish we forgot to thaw.

then midway through, add the hotdogs. notice that these are not the run-of-the-mill hotdogs you can buy in singapore. these are good old tender juicy pinoy hotdogs, courtesy of housemate j. how she was able to bring it in is a study of pinoy ingenuity. housemate j and i put them on sticks with marshmallows.

when the first few sticks touched the grill, we realized that the 'mallows were melting! so we took them off. the 'mallows then became our appetizer.
once the hard-to-cook food was done, time for the easy-to-cook goodies. goodies like skewered shrimp, eggplants and tomatoes (we're going for a balanced diet here)

two hours later, we had our feast. don't the tomatoes totally look yummy?

our tummies full, we took some time out to relax, take some pictures, do some yoga (see neighbor e's pose), and hide behind the trees.

then we went into the tent to play chinese checkers and card games. crazy eight turned into crazy seven, which would have turned into crazy six and so forth till someone came up with the idea to play bullshit. you know that game they played in "how to lose a guy in ten days"? didn't know how to play it till last sunday. three of us lost. the two were just trying to outsmart each other. i was really just bad at bullsh*tting their cards.

we stayed a few more hours at the park watching bikers, other people having picnics, joggers and those people fishing at the jetty.

but pretty soon, it was time to leave. we packed up our things, cleaned up our mess and headed home. despite that little rainshower at the start of the picnic, we had fun. we're already thinking when the next one is.

13 May 2007

happy mother's day

i write a lot of stuff here in my site. i write about sad things, happy things and annoying things.

but this entry is extra special because today's a special day for one of the wisest, strongest women i know. whose makeup i played with when i was a kid, whose heels and accessories i wore, pretending i was an office girl. and from whom we learned to appreciate natalie cole, roberta flack and basia (imagine hearing that every morning when your mother's getting ready for work).

my friends often describe me as a jologs-sosy cross breed. this is where the sosy side comes from. though it doesn't stem from money (ha! if only you knew). i've always called it knowing how to appreciate the finer things in life, even if you don't really have it. good food, good music, good places. and striving hard to be able to get them.
but more than those, this is the woman who put up with me and my siblings' crappy behavior and teenage angst. i'm pretty sure the 90s was hell for her. imagine four teenagers in one roof. only the strong survives. and she still puts up with our crap to this day, even from so many miles away.

happy mothers day, mom!

ps: the note at the back of this picture says i was singing ebony and ivory. see? good music at an early age.
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