01 December 2007

the start of the season

so how do you know the christmas season has begun? is it that chill in the air as you make your way home at night? could it be the lights they've turned up the whole length of orchard road? or maybe its the abundance of christmas sales on the countless malls here in singapore.

for me, the season begins when starbucks starts serving my personal favorite, the peppermint mocha latte. because i never did understand why starbucks singapore doesn't have peppermint syrup available the entire year. i have to wait till november rolls in to get my treat.

sure, there are other peppermint-infused drinks available in other coffee shops (tcc's version comes a close second), but starbucks' drink is still on top of my list.

so i'm going to savor starb's christmas treat while i can, amidst all the christmas hustle i have to do before going home to manila.

speaking of hustle, there's a reason why i need to catch up on a lot of things. aside from working the night shift the past couple of weeks, i have been reading this guy's work. ah yes, my new favorite show on the travel and living channel: anthony bourdain.

the guys writes really well, for a few minutes, i wanted to be a chef. a travelling chef, that is. but after a while, with the stories he's told about what really goes on inside the kitchen, i've had second thoughts.

seriously, it's totally engrossing stuff. too engrossing, in fact, that it accounts for why i haven't been getting enough sleep these days. i should put it down for a few minutes and join the real world.

because in the real world, people are now halfway through their christmas list. while i, unfortunately, haven't started on any of it. but not to worry, i have a plan. powered by my favorite drink, all christmas shopping and preparations will go smoothly...i think.


  1. nag free coffee ba sila uli, or yung 1SGD coffee ba yun?

  2. tapos na, miss ninyah! last week, di nga ko umabot e. dyan din ba sa ireland, may libreng kape? o libreng beer?


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